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Wynne Fuller ARC Team

Welcome to the ARC Team page! 

First let's cover (ha, that was a pun) what an ARC is.

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy, which basically means, a copy of the book that is released in advance for readers to read and review before the book launch. Why would an author want reviews of their book before the launch? Well, when the book releases, someone may come across the book and be interested, but seeing zero ratings or reviews can cause them to feel unsure about the author or the book. So instead of purchasing the book, they might decide to wait to purchase until a later time. A lot of times, the reader forgets about the book entirely unless enough hype builds up for the book to remind them of their interest. 


1 / What is an ARC?

An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy

2 / What does an ARC Team do?

An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy

3 / Who can join?

An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy

2 / What is the purpose of an ARC Team?

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